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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

DC Indymedia editor Luke Kuhn's reprehensible past

Luke Kuhn claims to be a progressive. He is nothing of the sort. The Internet Way Back Machine has preserved evidence of Luke Kuhn's association with white supremacist Bill White. Kuhn's fellow DC Indymedia editors are well aware of Kuhn's cowardly alliance with White, and the disgusting beliefs that they espoused, but Joan Yoshiwara, Chris Belcher, Mike Flugennock, and Nancy Shia refuse to speak out against Kuhn. Of course, they are not progressives, they only pretend to be on the Indymedia they have seized where they tolerate no dissent from their wacko party line.


"From the Diamondback, Friday, November 15, 1996. An Independent StudentNewspaper-University of Maryland, College Park. Maryland Media Inc. 1996 by Daryl Khan Special to the Diamondback

The father of a Maryland State Trooper threatened to attack the headof an anarchist student group giving a speech on 'Retaliation AgainstCops' at the Student Union yesterday. Ten minutes into the speech, which gave detailed information on how tofind and attack police officers at their homes, a severely agitated manstood up and yelled at the group's leader, Bill White. 'After listening to you for 10 minutes I want to firmly place my handsaround your scrawny little neck and squeeze the life right out of you,'the officer's father said. 'I want to take my fist and drive it right into your face.' The man was escorted out of the room by his son, who wished to remainnameless. 'It's a shame that the University of Maryland will sanction any typeof anti-police demonstration,' the trooper said. White said there was nothing wrong with the content of his speech. 'Everything done today was educational. I didn't say to go blow peopleup, I just told people who want to blow people up how to do it,' he said. University Police Cpl. Mary Brock said two officers, Detective LauraFrye and Detective Sgt. Karl Schallhorn, were assigned to monitor theevent. 'When a speaker says things that are [inflammatory] we want to be onhand in case things got emotional and make sure everything remainspeaceful,'she said. 'We were there for White's protection as well. What would havehappened if that guy did what he said he wanted to do?' The speech detailed the easiest ways to find out where cops live andvarious forms of violence that would be most effective in harming them. Issues discussed ranged from the benefits of various explosives likenapalm and pipe bombs to detailed explanations of how to kill a policeofficer without being caught. 'I urge the use of napalm because it works longer, burns better andyou get a lot more damage,' White said. White said his student group has approximately 100 members on campusand actively disseminates anarchist literature to local junior and seniorhigh schools. White, a senior psychology major, is also the Public Relations Officerfor the Anarchist/Utopian Party, an anti-government group based in thisarea. White said the party endorses violence against schools, police, andjuvenile psychiatrists. 'As a general rule, I agree with violence against police officers,'said Paul Kuhn, hopeful Maryland Gubernatorial candidate for the party in1998 who was at yesterday's discussion. 'This is war, and military targets like cops get hurt during war,' hesaid. Kuhn said his platform as governor would consist of a general amnestyfor all prisoners, the distribution of weapons to the common people, andMaryland's secession from the rest of the country. Kuhn received his degree in government and politics from the campus in1994. White said he doesn't commit the violence that he discussed in hisspeech. 'Because of my public position I don't commit these kinds of acts, butI don't necessarily endorse or not endorse them,' he said. White achieved national attention when he posted on the Internet thenames of parents that he alleged were abusing their children. White complained that campus policy was broken when he wasn'tconsulted by the police before they were assigned to his meeting. 'Arrangements were not made with me. I'd rather not have police at mymeetings,' he said. Associate director of the Stamp Student Union, Gretchen J. Metzelaarssaid that no policy was broken. 'There is nothing I could find in university and system-wide policythat even talks about that,' she said. "