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Thursday, May 04, 2006

"Anti-racist" Mike Flugennock to protest Minutemen

DC Indymedia editor Mike Flugennock, yes the same Mike Flugennock who was one of the 6 Americans braindead enough to enter the Iranian Holocaust cartoon contest (and of course Mike Flugennock is not an anti-semite because he says he is not) seems to be organizing a group to protest the Minutemen.

Wow! Great idea. That's sort of like when DC Indymedia Luke Kuhn went to protest the Minutemen despite his well documented ties with white supremacist Bill White and being labeled an "occasional neo-nazi" in the national press in 1998. Yes, the same Luke Kuhn who applauds children who shoot and murder their classmates.


Maybe Mike Flugennock will become the official cartoonist for the Minutemen. I think his racial views are not too far apart from them. He could take one of them to Iran with him if he wins the Iranian Holocaust cartoon contest and hang out with the Islamofascists he seems to adore.